January 16, 2010

Harry Quinn – Top Frame Builder

Harry Quinn, the man behind one of the country’s best know and longest-standing cycling brands has died at the age of 92. The Liverpool based dealer and frame builder was a pivotal figure in the Merseyside cycling scene up to the nineteen eighties and touched the lives of many of the top riders through his prowess as a frame builder.

Amongst the top riders who used Harry Quinn frames were Bill Bradley, the 1959 Milk race winner and legendary sprinter Reg Harris. Harry also designed and built frames for other brands, including Viking.

Harry’s business was located in Walton Road in Liverpool. His frames were generally shorter of wheelbase and steeper angled than those of other manufacturers and in an era when frame builders possessed almost mythical qualities for riders, to own a Harry Quinn framed bike placed you at the top of the equipment pecking order.

There’s an interesting thread on Harry Quinn on the Veloriders forum, including some images: http://www.veloriders.co.uk


My Harry Quinn fixed Wheel bike

January 13, 2010

Here is my fixed wheel build that i have had for some time now it is a 1960’s Harry Quinn fixed wheel with nervex lugs, TA chainset, 50/18t gearing ,Wilkinson deep v’s ,duraace stem (ex njs track bike) san marco ergo seat,suntour superbe front brake. I am hoping to hear from fellow quinn owners and try and find some history on my frame i.e year it was made and the name of frame set not sure if it is a super pursuit or maybe the road track model??

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